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Hello. I'm Alice, welcome!

I'm on a mission to help burnout, frustrated neurodivergents & people pleasers to live an authentic fulfilling life, aligned with their values. 

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Is this you?

Your nervous system is struggling to keep regulated with the thought of changes, you want to be bold, brave and ask your boss for a shorter working week, but the inner critic persuades you not to, I mean, what will the team think of you?!

You want to tell your friend that you don't really enjoy meeting at busy places anymore since your autism diagnosis, but the inner critic says that's selfish!

You REALLY dislike it when your partner gives you advice when you just want them to listen, but the inner critic tells you to avoid conflict at any cost.

You're tired of the same old limiting beliefs that tell you that you aren't quite good enough?


You suffer with the common complaint 'comparisonitis'

I see you. I've been there. Being a hostage to the Inner critic isn't any fun at all.


It's a special kind of comfortable uncomfortableness.


The Inner Critic may be your longest relationship you've had, and breaking up is very hard to do.



I know we don't know each other well yet, but I really want to start by introducing you to Bob.

Bob has been an acquaintance of mine for roughly 50 years. Yes, we've known each other for a rather long time indeed.

When I was growing up, Bob was a good kind of friend, always spotting danger and keeping me safe, making sure I didn't get into trouble with the grown ups too much by being too difficult, challenging or loud.

I really trusted what Bob said because it made sense. Bob would definitely not lie to me.

Until Bob kind of did. Bob would say things that I started to question. it felt like Bob was turning up when I didn't want Bob there, interrupting conversations that were important, and even telling me I couldn't go to things because it would be full of people not like me, and I'd be better off staying at home.

Bob was becoming a right pain in the backside.

The anxiety, shame and guilt I felt about trying to just get on in life, fuelled by Bob's constant dialogue was really limiting my options in life. I wanted to soar with the eagles, Bob wanted me to stay on the ground because I might not have strong enough wings.

When I slowly began to challenge what Bob was saying, my body would tell me that it wasn't safe to do that, my threat system would kick in, and I would freeze. 

I knew that asking Bob to be quiet was going to be a battle fought on two fronts, mind and body, or I would get nowhere.

Slowly I was able to bring in resources like breath work and meditation, to stay emotionally regulated while I also worked on what to say to Bob. It worked! Bob could see that I was doing good, I was doing brave things and staying safe. I was able to set boundaries better, communicate my needs more clearly to others and take myself out of my comfort zone.


Bob as you may have guessed by now is my Inner Critic. I'm pleased to say that our relationship is much more balanced and only occasionally does Bob slip back into his old ways.

I know Bob so much better now, what makes him content, calm and what really triggers him.


In my experience we all have an Inner Bob. 

I'm a relentless optimist when it comes to people's ability to heal and live

a balanced, fulfilled life. You included. Even if your start in life was hard, no matter what you have been through.

If you're reading this, it might be because you already know that life could be better for you.

Let me guide you through the process. Together we can get you where you know you can be.

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having therapy with Alice was the best thing I could have done for myself this year...I found our time together so nourishing & supportive 


Alice is such a warm, welcoming individual who made me feel seen in a way that very few people have, I had been nervous about therapy in the past and she completely put me at ease

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