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about me


I know it can be very isolating to feel shame and fear of our emotions. It can be terrifying to open up about how we really feel, sometimes we don't even know how we feel. I will hold you in a safe space without judgement, giving you time & patience to explore your emotions and ways in which you can communicate your needs to those around you.

 I will help you learn to prioritise self care and self compassion, to quieten the shame, guilt and paralysis that the inner critic brings. To have better relationships with yourself and those around you, to understand why you may be stuck in a pattern of overwhelm and burnout. We'll review the past in detail, alongside practical ways to make the here and now easier.                                        

 An Experienced Registered Mental Health Nurse since 1996 (St Bartholomew's

Hospital, London)

Interpersonal Psychotherapist

since 2011 (IPTUK) ,

Somatic EMDR Practitioner

(Embody Lab 2024) & Artist. 

Along with working 1-1 with clients, I have led Clinical Teams, Delivered Training, Managed Transformation Projects & Facilitated Therapeutic & Creative Groups in the NHS & Privately.

I offer Interpersonal Psychotherapy, self paced courses & individual & group coaching services. 

With over 30 years of experience, I'm confident that working with me will be a transformative and empowering experience for you.

1996 Qualified as a Mental Health Nurse

1996-2021 Various NHS Roles including Nurse Therapist, Nurse Practitioner Mental Health, CAMHS Practitioner, Interpersonal Psychotherapist & Clinical Team Leader.

1996-2020 CPD undertaken in CBT, Brief Solution Focused Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Group Work, Prevention of Suicide, NLP Coaching


2009-2011 Interpersonal Psychotherapy Training

2018-2021 BA Hons

2022 Started Private Therapy Practice

2024 Somatic EMDR Practitioner Training 

2024 Undertaking Coaching Qualification Optimus Coaching


I know personally and professionally how a late diagnosis of adhd or autism can be a huge adjustment. Looking back, your life experiences may now make sense, but you need space to recalibrate and identify what this means moving forward, and how to embrace this new era unapologetically. You may need firmer boundaries, but don’t know how. We’ve got this.

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