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ways to work with me

1-1 Interpersonal Psychotherapy

(NICE approved psychotherapy)


Starting with a full collaborative assessment of your needs, an in depth assessment of your attachment style, relationship inventory and a complete timeline.

We then collaboratively set goals in areas that you decide you'd like to work on. This might be addressing complicated grief, trauma, your persistent low mood and anxiety - improving relationships in general, resolving conflict at work or at home, or adjusting to life changes such as menopause, having a baby and receiving diagnoses.

I'll be giving you tools both to enhance your communication & to improve your mind - body connection to help you manage your emotions.

Sessions are for 1 hour and you can expect to attend for anywhere between 12-20 sessions. Sometimes people come to therapy for much longer than this. Usually sessions are weekly or fortnightly. We'll decide this together.

I provide you with comprehensive workbooks that allow you to continue your healing journey well beyond our time together & consolidate the strategies you have learnt in therapy.​

1-1 Transformational Alignment Coaching 

Experiencing coaching with an experienced qualified professional allows you to assess quite quickly where you would like to make improvements in your life.

That might be work/life balance, managing stress, changing career or negotiating the many roles you have in life.

Rooted in positive psychology, I will give you space to explore what you can start doing now to get more space, more joy and more freedom in your life. 

We will work through a programme of your choice together, that might be managing emotions, nourishing your nervous system or managing your inner critic. 

I will provide you with my own workbooks for you to use in between coaching sessions, and to continue using when sessions have ended.

Sessions last for one hour, and you can typically expect to attend for an average of 6-12 sessions.

Self Paced Courses


A sneak peek at what is coming soon!


Just Different!

Embracing Neurodiversity and Redefining Relationships 



Somatic: A Gentle Journey cultivating Body-Mind Connection Through Intuition & Insight

Emotionally Empowered

A comprehensive Guide to engaging the power of your feelings & experiences

Sustainable Self Care Strategies

Real Self Care & Self Compassion 

Vagus Nerve Nourishment

Neurodivergence & Women 

Trauma Surthriver's Handbook

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